Meet the Team

James Fries, BS, MBA, Partner

“I think the people of any organization are key. Too often they are overlooked in strategic initiatives like process improvement. There is a tremendous amount of undiscovered innovation deep within any organization. The goal is to draw that information out and make the employees a part of the process and not just observers.”

Stacy Petot, BS, BCNP, CLSSBB, Partner

“It is amazing how much you can learn from mapping out step by step your current process. The bottlenecks, rework and pain points become obvious. Analysis of how the process works today is the easiest way to develop an improved future state. ‘We have always done it this way’ may not be relevant or efficient today. There is always an easier way and my passion is to help you find it.”

Jim Stone, Pharm D, CLSSBB, Associate

“Execution and strategy. One cannot survive without the other. You may ‘know, but can you ‘do’? My forte is assuring the execution plan is realistic and achievable. Many businesses have similar strategies but the most successful is the one that has better execution. The bottom line is better business execution leads to results.”

Ray Wilkinson, BS, BCNP, CLSSKL, Associate

“How is my business doing? Data is critical. Many times we are data rich and knowledge poor. The power of data is the ability to transform it into information which can then be used to tell the business’s story. Learning how to harness and translate data to drive strategic decision making can have a dramatic impact for an organization. It can change everything.”